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Jun. 18, 12:13 PM   somebody who?     downgrades    CIZN    w/ Sell 
Jun. 7, 10:34 AM   somebody who?     reiterates    SOMC    w/ Strong Buy 
Jun. 7, 10:34 AM   somebody who?     reiterates    OPY    w/ Strong Buy 
May. 18, 8:32 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SESN    w/ Hold 
May. 18, 8:25 PM   somebody who?     reiterates    EBIO    w/ Hold 
May. 17, 12:21 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SPG    w/ Buy 
May. 17, 11:49 AM   somebody who?     initiates    BRX    w/ Buy 
May. 8, 5:39 PM   somebody who?     initiates    OZRK    w/ Buy 
May. 8, 12:48 PM   somebody who?     initiates    FSS    w/ Strong Buy 
Other Industries
May. 7, 6:20 PM   somebody who?     initiates    CURO    w/ Buy 
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Jun. 6 2018, 09:58 AM ET
created by maxxxlg (to members only)
Poll Type: Check All That Apply
Excluding any stocks held in CEFs, ETFs, and mutual funds check if you currently hold in your account or an account you control any of these stocks.
(check all that apply)
All votes final
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Jun. 5 2018, 5:14 PM ET
created by abcscottyv (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
What watch do you buy?
(choose one best answer)
   Apple watch
   Omega Seamaster
All votes final
view current results (16 votes) »
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Ignore polls created by abcscottyv »
May. 10 2018, 1:46 PM ET
created by homesteader (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Do you check your brokerage account(s) to confirm dividend payments?
(choose one best answer)
   I check all payments either when due or at the end of the month.
   I check monthly payers every month, others occasionally.
   I check some, but not all. (You generally trust your broker, but like to confirm some)
   I uaually don't check any. (You trust your broker completely)
All votes final
view current results (156 votes) »
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