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Nov. 10, 12:08 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SXE    w/ Strong Buy 
Nov. 7, 6:46 PM   somebody who?     initiates    EUO    w/ Buy 
Nov. 5, 2:19 PM   somebody who?     initiates    KKR    w/ Buy 
Nov. 3, 10:36 AM   somebody who?     downgrades    TASR    w/ Strong Sell 
Oct. 1, 12:24 PM   somebody who?     upgrades    CSWC    w/ Buy 
Sep. 30, 9:42 PM   somebody who?     initiates    COP    w/ Buy 
Sep. 30, 9:33 PM   somebody who?     initiates    GILD    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 30, 9:25 PM   somebody who?     initiates    CEMP    w/ Buy 
Sep. 30, 2:17 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SFL    w/ Strong Buy 
Sep. 30, 1:40 PM   somebody who?     initiates    MLPL    w/ Buy 
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Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Nov. 30, 10:02 AM Re: NRZ New Residential is top pick in mREIT co...... mem lumpygravy Mortgage REITS 2
Nov. 30, 09:54 AM ESPR up strong today forming a cup and handle -- E... mem dig4value Biotech 2
Nov. 30, 09:32 AM Value Line Reports -- Would you be able to post th... mem Badger666 MLPs
Nov. 30, 09:32 AM NRZ New Residential is top pick in mREIT coverage ... mem wolfdog2 Mortgage REITS 24
Nov. 30, 09:12 AM SDLP downgrade at Oppenheimer................. -- ... mem schubdv Energy 6
Nov. 30, 09:12 AM Today's AM Market Cornucopia Rpt..Enjoy!............. mem strange1 General Investing 10
Nov. 30, 08:59 AM Dow, NASDAQ Up. Asia Down, Except Shanghai -- Euro... mem Yilon Pre Market 1
Nov. 30, 08:56 AM GOLAR LNG PARTNERS & GOLAR LNG -- Links to latest ... mem FMBIII Liquid Natural Gas 5
Nov. 30, 08:11 AM Market Commentary: Before Market Open Index Futu... mem cti1usnret Pre Market 12
Nov. 30, 07:11 AM Today UST pay Interest FWIW -- In the 1980s I had ... mem WalterinHK US Treasuries 12
Nov. 30, 06:01 AM Investfest -- Dear All, I hope you all had a terri... mem gramma InvestFest 30
Nov. 30, 04:29 AM Steen takes over Euronav -- Steen was on a bunch o... mem gramma Tankers 10
Nov. 30, 03:56 AM FRNT new high - - -Again -- 63 NOK = $7.22682... mem gramma JF Companies 10
Nov. 30, 01:51 AM FRO Question for the Board -- Given the announced ... mem FMBIII JF Companies 13

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Nov. 24 2015, 03:02 AM ET
created by makahadan (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
Your Opinion: 3 BEST Mreit preferred stocks, 3 WORST Mreit pref.stocks
(type an answer between 5 and 50 characters long)
All votes final
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Nov. 23 2015, 4:49 PM ET
created by bigtex (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
what paid subscription/analyst reports do you use besides VF
(type an answer between 1 and 250 characters long)
All votes final
view current results (36 votes) »
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Ignore polls created by bigtex »
Nov. 23 2015, 12:24 PM ET
created by jbsbill (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
There are 19.4 million shares of BRG outstanding. How many do you own?
(choose one best answer)
   Zero, zilch, nada
   30,000 or more
Vote change allowed until:
Monday, December 7, 12:24 PM

view current results (58 votes) »
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Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Nov. 30, 10:03 AM The Confirmation Bias of Conservatives - http://ww... mem vf-Navigator Climate Change
Nov. 30, 09:55 AM Conservative Movement: Stoking Extremism - http://... mem vf-Navigator Terrorism
Nov. 30, 09:37 AM Chinese Scientists Warn of Dire Risk of Warmin -- ... mem vf-horn Global Warming 3
Nov. 30, 09:19 AM Global Warming: "Threat Multiplier" - ht... mem vf-Navigator Climate Change 2
Nov. 30, 09:10 AM Re: Huckabee: "CO Springs is Domestic ... -- ... mem vf-tennee9899 Terrorism 3
Nov. 30, 08:53 AM Re: Huckabee: "CO Springs is Domestic Terr...... mem vf-Navigator Terrorism 2
Nov. 30, 08:51 AM Apparently, those Mizzou students missed the -- re... mem vf-tennee9899 Religion 6
Nov. 30, 07:52 AM Hypocrisy of the Left......................... -- ... mem vf-AJNock Global Warming 8
Nov. 30, 07:35 AM How one of Tyshawn's killers made bail....... -- P... mem vf-sandgrey scams 3
Nov. 30, 06:35 AM Political Cartoons ........................... -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-jegxtech Political Humor 10
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