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Sep. 23, 7:37 PM   somebody who?     initiates    TROX    w/ Buy 
Industrial Minerals
Sep. 1, 10:29 AM   somebody who?     initiates    SUPN    w/ Buy 
Aug. 27, 2:19 PM   somebody who?     initiates    AMD    w/ Strong Buy 
Aug. 24, 11:04 AM   somebody who?     initiates    TPC    w/ Buy 
Aug. 19, 11:12 PM   somebody who?     initiates    NFLX    w/ Strong Sell 
Other Industries
Aug. 18, 11:38 AM   somebody who?     initiates    MOMO    w/ Buy 
Aug. 16, 4:51 PM   somebody who?     reiterates    MXSG    w/ Strong Buy 
Aug. 2, 11:48 AM   somebody who?     initiates    WMB    w/ Buy 
Natural Gas
Jul. 8, 11:42 AM   somebody who?     initiates    SUN    w/ Buy 
Jul. 1, 11:55 PM   somebody who?     reiterates    CEMP    w/ Strong Buy 
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 • Where I left off in the Discussion Forum
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Sep. 29, 09:25 AM An upbeat news release on STB's Safest.... -- Stud... mem Longterm10 Busses 3
Sep. 29, 09:20 AM State tax revenues hit the skids http://thehill.co... mem martin Taxes 3
Sep. 29, 09:04 AM CHS (CYH is symbol) selling 4 hospitals, -- I expe... mem tennee9899 Healthcare
Sep. 29, 09:02 AM As Heavy-Truck Sales Go, So Goes the Economy http... mem craigrj The Economy 4
Sep. 29, 08:57 AM Dow, NASDAQ, Oil Down, Europe Up -- Oil $47.0... mem Yilon Pre Market 1
Sep. 29, 08:32 AM Market Commentary: Before Market Open Futures Fl... mem cti1usnret Pre Market 10
Sep. 29, 08:15 AM EMES---Back from the dead? Emerge Energy upgraded ... mem wolfdog2 Energy 13
Sep. 29, 08:03 AM Polcari's Morning Thoughts -- Hope you enjoy it to... mem scrooge Commentators 4
Sep. 29, 07:30 AM another fine for WFC -- Wells Fargo will shell out... mem johnkill Banks 7

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Sep. 25 2016, 1:52 PM ET
created by sunrise (to members only)
Poll Type: Numerical Entry
What percentage of your portfolio is Energy (defined by VF categories)?
(enter a number between 0 and 100)
All votes final
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Sep. 12 2016, 1:10 PM ET
created by inthegreen (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Will the Fed raise 1/4 pt in September?
(choose one best answer)
All votes final
view current results (138 votes) »
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Sep. 6 2016, 9:36 PM ET
created by homesteader (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
I want to park my 40+% cash in something income producing until the market retreats. Please recommend one or two stocks, CEF's, etc., that meet the following criteria: 1:very low risk, very low beta. 2:high liquidity. 3:returns at least 3 to 4%.
(type an answer between 1 and 12 characters long)
Vote change allowed until:
Thursday, October 6, 9:36 PM

view current results (31 votes) »
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Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Sep. 29, 09:26 AM FBI allows suspects in Chelsea bombing to return t... mem vf-psuherb Terrorism 1
Sep. 29, 03:18 AM Oh Yeah -- BS as reality -- http://business.financ... mem vf-Bucky Heroes 5
Sep. 29, 03:14 AM Some Things that Can Not Happen............... -...This post contains an attachment mem vf-bug too absurd to b... 6
Sep. 29, 01:14 AM Dim Gift of Death sustained -- Harry Reid kills le... mem vf-Bucky Charitable Giving 14
Sep. 29, 12:40 AM da Team -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdQJLi2... mem vf-Bucky Deep Thoughts 6
Sep. 28, 10:10 PM http://www.firerescue1.com/fire-ems/articles/13035... mem vf-jordan guns 8
Sep. 28, 9:09 PM http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/09/28/death-s... mem vf-jordan Health Care 10
Sep. 28, 6:48 PM It Sounds Like Science Fiction, However, ... -- 3-... mem vf-Yilon Medical stuff 12
Sep. 28, 2:36 PM Senate overrides Obama's veto on bill allowing -- ... mem vf-dig4value Islamic Terrorists 19
Sep. 28, 2:19 PM Re: Those online surveys (that some call polls)...... mem vf-hhill Polls 4
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