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Aug. 13, 11:20 AM   somebody who?     initiates    EXAS    w/ Strong Buy 
Aug. 8, 12:23 PM   somebody who?     upgrades    WAG    w/ Strong Buy 
Aug. 8, 12:22 PM   somebody who?     reiterates    LSTMF    w/ Buy 
Jul. 31, 10:32 AM   somebody who?     initiates    GSJK    w/ Strong Buy 
Jul. 29, 1:46 PM   somebody who?     initiates    EQC    w/ Buy 
Jul. 25, 01:33 AM   somebody who?     downgrades    FB    w/ Hold 
Jul. 23, 9:42 PM   somebody who?     initiates    GILD    w/ Strong Buy 
Jul. 10, 12:25 PM   somebody who?     initiates    AAPL    w/ Sell 
Jul. 10, 12:20 PM   somebody who?     initiates    GLD    w/ Buy 
Jul. 10, 12:07 PM   somebody who?     initiates    SPY    w/ Sell 
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 • Where I left off in the Discussion Forum
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Aug. 20, 6:40 PM AWLCF dividend update qualified or non quali -- Fi... mem shanneke Drillers 23
Aug. 20, 6:34 PM Argentine company YPF main new hedge fund investme... mem nm09 Distressed Equity 5
Aug. 20, 6:24 PM Interesting Utica may have economic Oil too This s... mem nm09 Energy 11
Aug. 20, 5:57 PM Galenfeha -- We had some discussion about this com... mem drmrktr Oil Services 4
Aug. 20, 5:55 PM Dividends since last update: TMK (.1267), ROST (.2... mem sysop sysop is a ValueForum.com system operator Dividend Watch
Aug. 20, 5:52 PM Weyerhaeuser - WY -- The Chart of the Day belongs ... mem vanmeerten Technical Analysis 5
Aug. 20, 5:12 PM Weighing closure of Computershare account -- I men... mem RadioTrac Brokers 6
Aug. 20, 5:10 PM Sandridge Mississippian Trust - SDR -- Today I dro... mem vanmeerten Technical Analysis 18
Aug. 20, 4:58 PM Medley Capital $MCC publicly offers 5 m share... mem bullman33 BDCs 12
Aug. 20, 4:12 PM SYSOP SUGGESTION -- Frequently I leave a comment o... mem Halling Best Idea of th... 21
Aug. 20, 4:11 PM Re: The Midland spread. Saw this article posted...... mem John3b Refiners 6
Aug. 20, 3:51 PM BXE buy recommendation by GMP -- http://www.invest... mem hgvev8038 Energy 12
Aug. 20, 3:30 PM S&P 500 Analyst Moves: ADSK The Daily Stoc... mem sysop sysop is a ValueForum.com system operator Stock Ratings W...
Aug. 20, 3:25 PM Impact on airlines if Iceland volcano erupts? -- B... mem tommynj Airlines 12
Aug. 20, 3:03 PM SLCA hitting 52wk hi >$63.25 -- While EMES... mem MaxMT Oil Services 54
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Aug. 20 2014, 10:22 PM ET
created by sysop (to members only)
Poll Type: Share Your Trades
What did you buy or sell today?
(enter a trade)
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Ignore polls created by sysop »
Aug. 6 2014, 6:24 PM ET
created by MrMuileh (to members only)
Poll Type: Numerical Entry
While we all know that demand for frac sand is booming and EMES' future is bright, what is the lowest you think the EMES share price could go in a moderate correction? Enter an integer between 75 & 110.
(enter a number between 75 and 110)
All votes final
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Jul. 26 2014, 11:33 AM ET
created by jbsbill (to members only)
Poll Type: Multiple Choice
Are you retired, and if so, when did you retire
(choose one best answer)
   Not retired age under 60
   Not retired age 60-66 (66 is social security retirement)
   Not retired age over 66
   Retired before age 50
   Retired at age 50-54
   Retired at age 55-59
   Retired at age 60-66
   Retired at age 67-74
   Retired at age 75 or more
All votes final
view current results (401 votes) »
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Ignore polls created by jbsbill »
Jul. 22 2014, 1:32 PM ET
created by jonsventnor (to members only)
Poll Type: Enter Any Text
Rank order the top 3 or more MLPs with the greatest upside potential factoring in drop downs, price, increasing distributions.
(type an answer between 1 and 99 characters long)
Vote change allowed until:
Thursday, August 21, 1:32 PM

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Community building @ The Coffee Shop, for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing The VF companion site for off-topic discussions not directly related to investing
Date Message Type Posted By Topic Rec
Aug. 20, 10:09 PM Re: Badly beaten ... -- Cy bleated. >> But i... mem vf-JamesRWhite race 3
Aug. 20, 9:14 PM T. Sowell - Always on the money--------------- -- ... mem vf-psuherb Opinion 8
Aug. 20, 9:13 PM Here is a picture of a Kudu -- Neat looking anim...This post contains an attachment mem vf-ben Animals 8
Aug. 20, 8:56 PM Re: Badly beaten ... -- When the Left complains ab... mem vf-RadioTrac race 4
Aug. 20, 7:52 PM Re: From the Horse's Mouth ... -- Re: Isn... mem vf-ben Plants 3
Aug. 20, 7:47 PM From Rush- unarmed white kid shot by black cop -- ... mem vf-psuherb Current Events 9
Aug. 20, 7:41 PM Re: Badly beaten ... -- Re: The mainstre... mem vf-bigtex race 9
Aug. 20, 6:59 PM Re: From the Horse's Mouth ... -- << That co... mem vf-hhill Law 2
Aug. 20, 6:36 PM Re: From the Horse's Mouth ... -- Re: Tha... mem vf-ben Law 16
Aug. 20, 5:55 PM "The Narrative"............................ mem vf-bug Media Bias 19
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